Indiana Challenge Series

2018 ICS Series Race Schedule

    Saturday, May 12th - Rounds 1 & 2

    Saturday, June 30th - Rounds 3 & 4


    What is the Indiana Challenge Series? 
    The ICS debuted in 2016 as an opportunity to build community among our track mates as well as a friendly rivalry with the other tracks. All of the races are scheduled as single point races and as double-headers to keep costs and time requirements as low as possible.

    What's at stake?
    A traveling trophy and bragging rights for your track for the entire 2018 season as well as individual awards for the top riders in each class. Awards will be given at each race for age and proficiency, but the series awards will be given to the top riders in each class: expert, intermediate, novice etc.

    What do you need to do?

    1. Show up and declare which track you're riding for! It doesn't have to be your official home track. Anyone can declare for any track, so bring your friends and invite folks from other areas to race with you. Once you've chosen your track, you can't change.
    2. Points will accumulate over the series. The points are weighted to the advantage of the visiting tracks and their riders.
    3. The track champion will be determined after the 4th race and the trophy will be presented at the series final where the individual awards will be handed out.