2017 Race Schedule Released

At last, here is our current 2017 race schedule. Once again all races will be held on Saturday evenings with registration and practice beginning at 5:30 - 7:00 PM each race with exception of the State Qualifier.

Practice nights will remain on Tuesday's from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. We are working on opening the track on Thursday's as well to give more practice time during the week.

We are entertaining the idea of adding a couple races in October provided we have the staff to run them as Fall Break for Columbus is the 2nd week in October and families are usually gone for those couple weekends on vacations. So stay tune for more information on those as the season goes on.

We'll continue with our track series in 2017 and we'll lay out the rules again as the season opener nears.

We'll be having work days starting sometime in March and April and we'll post those as the weather cooperates. Hopefully we can get the track opened a little earlier than normal provided Mother Nature plays nice this Spring.

Won't be long we'll be out churning up the dirt and getting for the new race season!

May 6 – Season Opener
May 13 – Local
May 20 – Warnicke Scholarship Race
June 3 – Local
June 10 – State Qualifier *registration 3:30 - 5:30
June 24 – Olympic Day
July 8 – Local
July 15 – Race for Life
July 29 – Local
August 19 – Local
August 26 – Local
September 9 – Local
September 16 – Local
September 23 – Local
September 30 – Local

State Qualifier Race Recap

To say we were caught off guard by the turnout we had on Saturday would be an understatement! When we hit the “write motos” button on the computer that evening and the number “50” popped up, we were in disbelief as this was the largest race we’ve held in the last 5 years!

Ms. Abigail Haywood led off the evening with a beautiful singing of our National Anthem. Oh, and Abigail is only 12! Great job Abby!

Two racks of balance bike riders kicked off the racing and then it was moto after moto. Gates were dropping fast and furious and we kept clicking them off. Right around 2 ½ hours later the last main moto rolled across the finish line capping off a terrific evening of racing.

The re-built second straight, admittedly still needing a little more fine tuning, seemed to keep the racing tight all the way to the finish line. Several classes had wins and transfer positions decided by less than a bike length! So we were satisfied that the track kept the racing close and the fans on the edge of the bleachers to see the riders battling all the way to the line as it should be.

The toughest thing to do as a track is to guess the number of trophies required for a race. Using past race history we thought we were good, but then to have over 200 riders show up, yeah, we missed it by a little bit. Fortunately, we only need to ship out about 10 trophies and another 10 to local riders. We will order those today (6/13) and will get those out to you ASAP. Appreciate your understanding.

Tons of pictures are forthcoming. James Cocherell and Jamie Tomlinson were out snapping photos all evening and we'll posts their albums here very soon.

Again, we could not have done this without all the terrific volunteers that stepped up unselfishly and helped make our SQR a success. Thank you to Joe McIntier, Mark Bays, Alisha and Jeremy Clark, John Haywood, Garland Manuel, Marty Lasure, Nikki Manuel, Jenny Rice and our track staff, Chris and Amanda Clapp and Scott LeVeque!!

And thank you to all the riders and families that came out to CBMX! You’re the reason we do this!

See you at the track again soon!

Kris Lasure, Track Operator

Season Opener Recap

What a way to kick off our 2016 season last night!

24 motos took to the track on a beautiful Saturday evening under clear skies

Earlier in the day, track conditions didn't look good. At noon, the second straight was not rideable due to rain from Friday night and early Saturday morning. We made a a quick post about making the final call by 2:30pm but realized people traveling in from out of state needed a quick response. So we deleted the post and re-posted that the race was on. Our Track Crew, always the optimists, knew sun and wind was our only chance to dry the track and lo and behold we got the wind and periodic sun during the afternoon.

In just three hours the track dried out and we knew we made the right call. A little bit of track prep and we were ready!

Registration was non-stop for almost two hours getting almost 90 riders signed up!

Motos were quickly posted, Jacob Jones led our parade lap and we kicked off the racing action with two racks of Balance Bike riders!

Close battles were seen throughout all of the classes.

We would like welcome all the new riders who signed up last night for their first memberships! You have a found a great sport to be involved in and we look forward to seeing all of you back soon!

Our next race is Saturday June 4, 5:30 - 7:00

Thanks again to all our volunteers who helped get us up and going this spring and to all of you that support CBMX!

See you at the track!

Jarred "Doc" Johnson Wins Pro-Am

Eighteen Pro-Am riders showed up looking to cash in on a big pay day! Shelby Coatings and the Columbus Visitor Center sponsored the Pro-Am and we thank them for their support this year!

DK’s Dylan Cooley, Factory SSquared/Answer rider Justin Richmond, Factory Extreme Team’s Josh Smith and Jarred Johnson, the defending champ, all looked extremely fast during their motos. Sam Charny and Kyle Robinson also looked super smooth and wanted to bring home a piece of the $1,300+ purse.

After three rounds of qualifying and their semis complete Cooley, Johnson, Richmond, Smith, Robinson, Charny, Corey Ross and Emrick Swan all made their way in to the main event.

Cooley and Swan had issues down the first straight and would finish 7th and 8th meanwhile out front Jarred “Doc” Johnson grabbed the holeshot with Justin “The Juice” Richmond knockin’ on the back door looking for that big check! Richmond tried desperately to get around Johnson, but Jarred would not be denied and would claim his second CBMX Pro-Am in a row! Richmond was a very close second and Josh Smith would make some moves down the third straight to round out the top three! Kyle Robinson put his BMX Mania ride into the fourth slot and One Bicycle’s Sam Charny would come across the line in fifth with Corey Ross in sixth.

Jarred “Doc” Johnson backed up his title and this makes the third year in a row the Factory Extreme Team has been on the top step of the podium with Jeremy Smith taking the win in 2013. Can anyone topple the Extreme Team’s strangle hold on the Pro-Am? We are already pumped for 2016’s event! Only 363 more days to go!


CBMX brothers featured in The Republic

Brothers on bikes keep family connected

THESE brothers aren’t familiar with a leisurely bike ride through the park.

When it comes to fresh air, it has to do with how much they can put between their wheels and the ground.

Seventeen-year-old Joey Smith and his 13-year-old brother, Jonathon, are two of the top BMX riders at the Columbus track, and their 7-year-old brother, Jakob, is not far behind.

Joey got the BMX wheels turning when he was 10 years and his brothers followed along. He was the Indiana State Champion at the expert level in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, and he qualified for the 2013 World BMX Championship but didn’t attend because it was conducted in     New Zealand.

“Everything I have learned so far about racing has come from him,” Jonathon Smith said about his older brother. “He gives me a lot of great advice and I would not be as good without it.”

Jonathon Smith, a three-time state champion (2012-14) in the intermediate division and a 2014 intermediate national champion, was ready to roll from his very first race at age 7.

“I was really nervous starting right out from the gate,” Jonathan Smith said. “Going down that first hill, I thought I was going to wreck. But I kept my feet up and just went straight and I eventually won the race.”

While the landings always haven’t been smooth, they have been fun.

“I don’t see myself quitting this anytime soon,” said Joey Smith, who will be a senior next semester at Columbus East. “I’m not doing it to be the best or to win national titles every year. I just like to do it for fun and, hopefully, I can pass it down to my kids someday. I would like to get them involved with the sport.”

By the time Jakob is a senior in high school, he will be an old veteran of BMX racing. He started at the age of 5.

He has some learning to do, though, before he can challenge his more established brothers.

“Those two (Joey and Jonathan Smith) are so close with each other and they share a special bond,” said their mom, Kelly Smith. “Even when they are not racing, they are always hanging out with each other all the time.”

All three brothers compete weekly at the local track and the Smith family travels to BMX events in places such as Indianapolis, Louisville and Cincinnati. The boys have competed in the BMX Grand National event in Tulsa.

“The most exciting trips are the ones that are farthest away,” said the boys’ father, Joseph Smith. “It is like a mini-vacation for all of us five or six times a year. It is a great way to bond with your kids because ours are spending time with us.”

It truly has become a family affair. Their father is the track announcer and their mom works race registration and is a member of the Columbus BMX board. When they are on the road, the parents even volunteer at other tracks to help things run smoother.

“It is always good to help out at other events because families that come out to race here in Columbus always help us out,” Joseph Smith said. “It is nice to give back to them. It is really a big family sport.”

“It’s great to have my parents support us through the wins and losses and through the bumps and bruises,” Joey Smith said. “They are always there by our side. Our whole family has been a part of Columbus BMX for years.”

Article published by The Republic on July 10, 2015


CBMX Track Operator featured in The Republic

Passion fueling 'old man' of BMX

IF 42-year-old Kris Lasure still has a lot of kid in him, it has nothing to do with age.

His inner-kid can be measured by passion.

That passion is on display every time Lasure climbs on a bike and competes at the Columbus BMX track. All around him, kids dominate the scene, challenging a course that at the very least jogs their entire body and at the very most can leave them in a crumpled heap on the ground.

Such a challenge doesn’t scare away Lasure, who simply has too much fun to quit. He said age is no factor.

“I have a blast each and every time I am out there racing on the track,” Lasure said. “Doing this can be exhausting on the legs, but it really keeps me young and fresh.”

He is so young and fresh that even the kids are impressed.

“He is very fast for his age,” said 12-year-old BMX racer Jacob Clapp. “It just pushes us to become even faster racers because most of us hate losing to him because he is so much older than us.”

If Lasure does turn a faster lap than some of his younger counterparts, he does whatever he can to get them faster.

“He tells me a lot of ways that I can go faster around the track,” Clapp said.

That’s just part of Lasure’s multiple duties. He serves as the Columbus BMX track operator, manages a Columbus BMX racing team and races himself.

After competing in motocross from 1991-97, Lasure switched to mountain bikes through 2005. He took time off from racing in 2006 after his son, Garrett, was born, and didn’t go back until 2011, when he returned to BMX.

When the position of track operator opened and was subsequently offered to him, he accepted.

“I treat the track like it is my baby,” Lasure said. “I come out and mow, weed-eat and prepare the track on race days. I don’t have time to go out and practice. Before races, I am always out working with the riders who are new to the track.

“A lot of credit should go to my staff. They help me out. Without them, these races would not be going on.”

Although Lasure pours so much time into his hobby, his wife, Marty Lasure, understands.

“All the kids look up to him because they all see how committed he is to racing,” she said. “He spends a lot of time making the track great for these kids to ride on. For them to ride on a track that does not have holes or rocks on it, it makes it that much safer for them. Everyone that comes out to race here loves our track, and that is all because of Kris’ hard work.”

With so much to do in such a short period of time, Columbus BMX President Chris Clapp is impressed by Kris Lasure’s ability to multitask.

“His hands are always full. I’m surprised he has the energy to do all of the things he does,” Chris Clapp said. “One second I see him cleaning the track and greeting newcomers, and then a couple seconds later he has his racing suit on, getting ready to race.”

Kris Lasure’s son, Garrett, who is now 9 years old, has inherited the racing passion that his father possesses.

“The first time I introduced this to Garrett, he just could not get enough of it and was hooked on it since,” Kris Lasure said. “He is always out practicing after the races, and it is nice to have a 9-year-old who has that kind of energy.”

Racing has become a great family bond for the Lasures. With Garrett being one of the top racers in the state in his age group, it might not be long until Kris can’t keep up with him.

“Probably not,” Kris Lasure said when asked if he can keep up with his son much longer. “He is only going to get faster when he gets to his teenage years, and I am not getting any younger, either.”

Measuring his dad’s passion, instead of years, Garrett Lasure might have his hands full for quite some time.

Article published by The Republic on July 10, 2015