Season Opener Recap

What a way to kick off our 2016 season last night!

24 motos took to the track on a beautiful Saturday evening under clear skies

Earlier in the day, track conditions didn't look good. At noon, the second straight was not rideable due to rain from Friday night and early Saturday morning. We made a a quick post about making the final call by 2:30pm but realized people traveling in from out of state needed a quick response. So we deleted the post and re-posted that the race was on. Our Track Crew, always the optimists, knew sun and wind was our only chance to dry the track and lo and behold we got the wind and periodic sun during the afternoon.

In just three hours the track dried out and we knew we made the right call. A little bit of track prep and we were ready!

Registration was non-stop for almost two hours getting almost 90 riders signed up!

Motos were quickly posted, Jacob Jones led our parade lap and we kicked off the racing action with two racks of Balance Bike riders!

Close battles were seen throughout all of the classes.

We would like welcome all the new riders who signed up last night for their first memberships! You have a found a great sport to be involved in and we look forward to seeing all of you back soon!

Our next race is Saturday June 4, 5:30 - 7:00

Thanks again to all our volunteers who helped get us up and going this spring and to all of you that support CBMX!

See you at the track!