State Qualifier Race Recap

To say we were caught off guard by the turnout we had on Saturday would be an understatement! When we hit the “write motos” button on the computer that evening and the number “50” popped up, we were in disbelief as this was the largest race we’ve held in the last 5 years!

Ms. Abigail Haywood led off the evening with a beautiful singing of our National Anthem. Oh, and Abigail is only 12! Great job Abby!

Two racks of balance bike riders kicked off the racing and then it was moto after moto. Gates were dropping fast and furious and we kept clicking them off. Right around 2 ½ hours later the last main moto rolled across the finish line capping off a terrific evening of racing.

The re-built second straight, admittedly still needing a little more fine tuning, seemed to keep the racing tight all the way to the finish line. Several classes had wins and transfer positions decided by less than a bike length! So we were satisfied that the track kept the racing close and the fans on the edge of the bleachers to see the riders battling all the way to the line as it should be.

The toughest thing to do as a track is to guess the number of trophies required for a race. Using past race history we thought we were good, but then to have over 200 riders show up, yeah, we missed it by a little bit. Fortunately, we only need to ship out about 10 trophies and another 10 to local riders. We will order those today (6/13) and will get those out to you ASAP. Appreciate your understanding.

Tons of pictures are forthcoming. James Cocherell and Jamie Tomlinson were out snapping photos all evening and we'll posts their albums here very soon.

Again, we could not have done this without all the terrific volunteers that stepped up unselfishly and helped make our SQR a success. Thank you to Joe McIntier, Mark Bays, Alisha and Jeremy Clark, John Haywood, Garland Manuel, Marty Lasure, Nikki Manuel, Jenny Rice and our track staff, Chris and Amanda Clapp and Scott LeVeque!!

And thank you to all the riders and families that came out to CBMX! You’re the reason we do this!

See you at the track again soon!

Kris Lasure, Track Operator